• Customized Manufacturing : Our expertise and technology enables us to manufacture customized diamonds such as Hearts & Arrows and Ideal Cuts as per our client's specifications.
  • Just-In-Time : Our integrated software-enabled interlinking enables us to meet client demand on time.
  • Theme-Based Collections : We provide exclusive diamonds for our client's theme or concept-based collections, such as the Solitaire and Party collections. These were developed with an eye on market trends and the evolving fashion environment among the target segment in that market.
  • After-sales Service : This service is provided to clients in the unlikely event that a product requires repair or restoration.
  • Advisory Services : We also provide diamond advisory services to our customers regarding the efficient use of diamonds in their jewelry. Clients are advised on the type of diamonds that would be ideal for a particular design and whether they are available at that particular time or in the near future.
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